Thursday, March 15, 2012

Elsie and Harry

Some of you will know of Elsie - this gorgeous girl to the left. She came to me on 7th January 2002 and I named her after a very special friend in Sydney, Elsie Quinn. Very sadly we lost Elsie Quinn last year, aged 93, we all miss her terribly.

I'm very sorry to tell you that Kanga - Elsie died last week too,  on Tuesday, 6th March. She had had a mystery illness, some days she was perky and looked normal but others she was not well. We are going to miss her too, she was a scallywag!
Both our Elsies are at peace now and are probably together. Kanga-Elsie has left behind her several sons and daughters.

Harry, Western Grey, has been out in the wild for a number of months now, so I have decided that I'd better take him off the current list of kangaroos who are available for sponsorship. We just have to hope he is happy and healthy out there. You will see that on the page Meet the Sponsoroo Kangaroos, I have added Ondi, a beautiful female Western Grey - website

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kookie's sad news

As some of you know, Kookie has had a joey in her pouch. This was particularly exciting when you think about her whole story and all that she has been through in her young life.

However on Sunday evening she came home - she must have had a big hop because she was puffing and hot and there was no little joey, Katie, in her pouch.Goodness knows what had happened.

She hadn't been home for a couple of days so I have no ideas as to where she was or what had happened.

She has been very clingy since then and hasn't wanted to be far from me. She has even been sleeping inside, next to our bed, each night. So sad for Kookie.
© Susie Rowe

Youtube videos

Have you seen my videos of some of the kangaroozles on youtube? My channel is susieroo1 so the web address is
I hope you enjoy.

Winnie's exciting update

This is why it is just as important to treat our kangaroos in exactly the same way as we might treat a million dollar horse – with compassion, exquisite care and perserverance!

Do you remember when Winnie, a Red kangaroo, came home on 8th August 2010 with a prolapsed pouch. Poor girl, if you scroll down this page to "Winnie's ordeal" dated October 12, 2010 you can see the sack is full of fluid and hanging heavily. You will read the whole story and see some pictures but here I'd like to just retell her story briefly then add the latest news!!

Of course when she initially came home there was mention that she might have to be ‘put out of her misery’.

She had 9 visits from the vet altogether over the next 6 weeks. He had to cut into her and clean away infection.
It would have been awful for her and very invasive. She had to live in singlets which were taped onto her to prevent her from taking off the dressings (see the picture in the post October 2010). She would have liked to lick herself and clean herself.

She had to have so much anaesthetic, so many injections as well as lots of medicines and supplements.
She had to be confined to a yard instead of being in the wild with her family and friends.

Finally on Wednesday 15th September the vet came for the last time. He removed all the dressings! She had sores where the dressings had been too (you can see her licking one in the October2010 post).

She was now free to go and as you can imagine there was relief and happiness all round!!

On July 8th this year, my birthday, Winnie came home to show me something very special!
There, poking out of her pouch was her baby!
Her joey, strong and healthy and nearly 7 months old.
A big welcome to BJ (Bundle of Joy).

This photo was taken on 24th July 2011

Today I saw Winnie with BJ hopping beside her. With them was a big handsome male Red. BJ must be 8 months old and it is obviously time for him to leave the pouch, for Winnie to give birth to the next little embryo and then to remate with this big buck.

© Susie Rowe

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mummy I'm frightened

In this video you can see how a little joey was out of his mother's pouch while she went to graze. He became really frightened and hid in amongst some grass. You can hear him calling to her but when she comes he is not really sure that it is her. So she has convince him that she really is his Mummy and that he can hop back into her pouch. You can hear her talking to him too (the clicking sound). They are Eastern Grey kangaroos.
Copyright © Susie Rowe 2011

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas 2010

The kangaroos recreate the nativity

Sponsoroo and all the kangaroozles would like to wish everyone a very happy, safe and relaxing Christmas. Please remember all the animals and look after their needs thoughtfully and thoroughly - theirs are as important as human animal needs. Thank you very much for the help given to us throughout 2010, it is greatly appreciated. Very best wishes for 2011.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pip and Jedward

Pip has just been taken off the Sponsoroo program because he spends his time out in the wild now. Many of you would be familiar with him. Do you think he is singing or yawning in this photo?!

Pip was very honoured to be sponsored by Jedward.

These 2 gorgeous young men are so full of vibrancy and fun and are out to explore the world using their talents and charm to get them where they want to go. It's really much the same as Pip and his mates!

Please see Jedward's website follow them on twitter and please buy their album 'Planet Jedward' to support them along their journey.
Pip and all the kangaroozles and the rest of us here at Sponsoroo wish Jedward all the very best.